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rfid-blocking capabilities

Before we kick off, let’s have a quick look at RFID technology and how it functions.

What is RFID?

RFID means Radio-frequency identification. It is a technology that integrates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic spectrum to unambiguously identify an object, animal or person. Today they are encountered in ID Cards, passport and credit cards as wafer thin chips to help accelerate transactions. They store and transmit your account information and personal details. Handheld scanners can read these chips through wallets and clothing up to several feet away. Currently issued credit cards, passports, and other IDs have embedded RFID chips.

How RFID does affect our lives

RFID is very crucial in our daily lives, because it is a tremendous technology for businesses, warehousing, retail and livestock. RFID tags can be bonded to merchandise in a warehouse so that employees can automatically carry on inventories with handheld readers that send out data to the company's servers or databases. Users don't have to go back to a terminal to enter data manually. For example, going to the grocery, filling up your cart and walking through the door. No longer will you wait as someone calls up each item in your cart one at a time. Rather, these RFID tags will communicate with an electronic reader that will observe every item in the cart and calls each up almost immediately. The reader will be linked to a large network that will send data on your products to the retailer and product manufacturers. Your bank will then be given notice and the amount of the bill will be subtracted from your account. There will be No lines, and waiting.

Why do you need RFID-Blocking products?

RFID Blocking is a kind of passive shielding of RFID Signals through either a metallic encased wallet or RFID blocking sleeve like what you see in the market today. RFID-blocking products like RFID-blocking wallets are designed and projected to help isolate you from a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. The concern is that some credit cards, passports, and driver's licenses now come with engrafted radio frequency identification chips. But do you actually need RFID-blocking products? Perhaps, perhaps not. If your credit cards don’t come with RFID chips, then obviously you don’t need one. And even if you do have RFID-chipped cards, the chance of being maliciously scanned is extremely low. On the other hand, the possibility is there and the chance is non-zero.

How RFID-Blocking products do works

RFID chips work by using radio waves to communicate. The object, such as a credit card, contains an RFID tag with data, and an RFID reader uses radio waves to read the data from a tag. RFID chips have very small electromagnetic fields, which is what makes them capable to read without having to start communications. What is required is proximity. That’s why; it is possible somebody could scan you through your pocket. And yes, people have been scanned like this. Luckily, radio waves are comparatively easy to disrupt and block, and that’s how RFID-blocking product works: they encase your credit cards in a material that interposes with radio waves. If the product is constructed in the right manner to be a Faraday cage, it will stop all electromagnetic fields and prevent communication between your cards and RFID scanners.



rfid-blocking capabilitiesrfid-blocking capabilitiesrfid-blocking capabilities

SHANSHUI is an expert in mobile phone accessories from China. We have more than 16 years’ experiences in design and make all kinds of phone cases and tablet cases. The RFID-blocking material made with premium PU Leather and simple design provides a firm grip and durability which ultimately prevents personal card information from stealing. Since most ID CARDS, BANK CARDS AND PASSPORT CARDS are comes with the RFID chipset, this product helps you to keep safe information (shielding more than 65dB).

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Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would be formally unveiled at a dedicated launch event in New York on March 29, 2017. This device is expected to be one of the best devices the Korean tech giant has ever made and is rumored to include a new curved screen, super-fast processor and improved camera.


So what can you expect from the Galaxy S8? Based on the rumors and leaks surrounding the device, look for two models — a 5.8-inch phone and a giant 6.2-inch S8 Plus. You can also anticipate a built-in digital assistant named Bixby and a display that takes up most of the phone's front.



Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs:What's New?

The most notable change is that we’re expecting a bump in screen sizes. Apparently, the two new Galaxy handsets will feature larger 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch displays, up from 5.1-inches and 5.7-inches on the old phones. But importantly, the new ‘Infinity Display’ aesthetic means we’re expecting that the rough body dimensions of the phones will stay the same as before. A higher resolution panel is also tipped – specifically, 2,960 x 1,440 pixels compared to 2,560 x 1,440, creating an 18:9(-ish) aspect ratio.

It’s also likely that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available with different processors in different markets, as has been the case previously. Some units will almost certainly feature Samsung’s custom-built Exynos 8895 chip, while others seem certain to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor – which Samsung manufactures.

What’s important about both chips is that they’re built on a new 10nm FinFET manufacturing process. That means that the transistors can be more densely packed, offering more power (up to 27% improved performance) or better efficiency (up to 40% lower power consumption) compared to older 14nm chips.


Facial recognition and iris scanning

The Galaxy S8 may include a facial recognition feature -- in addition to a possible iris scanner and the usual fingerprint sensor, which may have migrated to the back of the device, according to a report by Korea Economic Daily. (Note that the forthcoming iPhone 8 is also rumored to supplementing its Touch ID technology with facial and/or iris recognition.)


A rainbow of options (plus gold)

Among a torrent of leaked photos and mockups appearing during the past week, TechDroider tweeted a picture that appears to be the front plate of the Galaxy S8 in a variety of colors including black, white, blue, gold, and silver. Another tweet included additional images of what appeared to be a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, powered on.


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People have been concerned about RFID chips for many years now, and not just in the context of credit cards. All U.S. passports issued starting in 2006 have these chips that track your photo and information. Metro cards have RFID chips for quick swiping and dogs are implanted with RFID chips for safety tracking. They’re everywhere.

RFID chips work by using radio waves to communicate. The object, such as a credit card, contains an RFID tag with information, and an RFID reader uses radio waves to read the information from a tag. The key is that RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields, which is what makes them possible to read without having to “initiate” communications. All you need is proximity.

That’s why, in theory, somebody could scan you through your pocket. And yes, people in the real world have been scanned like this.

Fortunately, radio waves are relatively easy to interrupt and block, and that’s how an RFID-blocking wallet works: they encase your credit cards in a material that interferes with radio waves. Wallet RFID will block all electromagnetic fields and prevent communication between your cards and RFID scanners.


3 of the Best RFID-Blocking Wallets

1.RFID Case for iPhone and Samsung Series

The RFID iPhone 7 Case has RFID blocking technology protecting your credit cards from unwanted scanners. Made of hand finished top grain leather, this is a case and a wallet in one.  For Women or Men, this iPhone wallet holds your iPhone 7, credit cards, ID and cash. Fits the iPhone 7 which is convenient, secure, and functional – our iPhone 7 Case Wallet will hold everything you need.



Products Features:

[RFID blocking technology] RFID chips are currently embedded in most ID CARDS, CREDIT CARDS, BANK CARDS and PASSPORTS.The RFID chips are read by scanners when you use them for transactions.This product protect you not to be stolen your personal information by thieves.


[Detachable folio] 2 in 1 flip book style case for iPhone 7 (2016),it allows you remove your phone from the wallet to talking or taking a photo


[Attachable case] PC+TPU inner case can be attached on a metal surface for Video chat,watching movie,such as Refrigerator and Steel Holder.


[Premium PU leather] Beautiful crazy horse PU leather and high stitching technology makes the case be durable and classic.


[3 card slots and 1 pocket] Provide you to put debit card, credit card or ID card and some cash while on the go.


2. RFID Passport Holder Wallet

The RFID Passport Holder Wallet comes with an internal RFID shield and is big enough to house your passport and two credit cards, plus it has a full-sized cash compartment. If you travel often, this is the perfect way to go. After all, who wants to be scanned while overseas? Nobody, that’s who.



Product Features:

100% genuine leather — made with the finest grade Lychee pattern genuine leather, soft and strong.

RFID blocking- tested & approved by independent test Lab for frequency 10Mhz to 30Ghz, including 13.56 MHz in which our passport, credit cards, debit cards and ID cards operate;but NOT block any old Khz signal,easy to Shield against unauthorized RFID NFC and BLE scans.

Three RFID card pocket include one clear window,easy for reading card information;one cash pocket;one pen holder;Easy to hold passport, boarding passes and Notes

Classic black color ,Brown and elegant blue color optional


3.RFID Blocking Card Wallet


ShanShui RFID Card Wallet are equipped with advanced RFID Secure technology by using unique military-grade proprietary blocking material and made of 100% genuine leather with top quality from heritage of craftsmanship. The Card Wallet are scratch resistant and durable, and has 12 card slots and convenient quick access to all cards with slim and stylish design, which make it convenient and suitable for daily life! RFID chip is pre-installed to Block RFID Readers from Scanning Your Credit cards, Debit cards, Banking Information, Smartcards, RFID driver's licenses and other RFID Cards. Protect yourself , secure your identity and your cards from today!



Other Ways to Stay Safe and Protected

Because RFID technology is insecure, we recommend that you avoid using it as a contactless payment method if at all possible, especially because better alternatives exist. For example, Android Pay and Apple Pay, which both use NFC technology instead, are both safer and more convenient.

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